After School Activities

After School Activities

We are very pleased to inform you of our Daycare service and our after-school clubs and activities for the school year 2020-2021.

The OTR School management has organised quality afterschool activities having always as a priority the safety and the well-being of our pupils. Nevertheless, we were not in the position to provide parents with this information earlier due to the general uncertainty of our times. We will continue our discussions with the competent Ministry and wait for answers to all our questions.  

The reality is that, at the moment, it’s not possible to make predictions on what the future evolution of the pandemic linked to covid-19 will be and, therefore, on the organisational needs that the situation could impose at the opening of the next school year.

The Management of the OTR School and the teaching staff work in advance on the three possible scenarios:

  • a normal opening,
  • the division into alternate groups,
  • a new lockdown.

We believe that the school is thus prepared to face any hypothesis.Obviously, the same rules that should be imposed for carrying out teaching activities would also have a direct impact on the organization of the club activities and the Daycare.

In order to facilitate families who will enrol their children for afterschool activities in the new school year and to avoid problems with reimbursements or suspension of activities due to the coronavirus, the OTR School has decided to organise activities-clubs with its teachers, that will be offered free of charge to their students. Parents will be required to pay only the cost for material or books. We remind you that in addition to the free clubs, the school offers to the students the opportunity to register for the Daycare service from 15h00 to 18h00 every day.

Below you will find all the necessary explanations for all afterschool options for your children.




For the official Clubs or Daycare registration please use this link

The form is to be completed by Friday 26th of June 2020.

This new and free of cost organization of afterschool clubs is an expression of our commitment to the well-being of all the OTR families in such a complex and uncertain situation. The Management of the OTR School and the staff of teachers have worked to set up this new structure in order to offer their students and their parents the most adequate of possible solutions.