Lunch at School: 2 options


  • Our school aims to create a real dynamic of restoration by offering daily menus meeting healthy and nutritional standards.
  • A warm and balanced meal is served daily by Sodexo.
  • Our “catering” service will support the school with a nutritional approach by offering you 3 different menus to select online every day.
  • In addition, our desire to respond to the various problems of intolerance and allergies allows us to offer you menus without specific allergens combining good taste and nutritional balance.
  • The installation of a Sodexo Food Truck every week in the schoolyard will allow primary and secondary students to enjoy a “world cuisine” menu.
  • To meet the specific needs of children carrying allergies we offer strictly hypoallergenic menus elaborated with the products of the range NATAMA –


Dear parents,

a change of provider will be made during the school year from January 1st, 2023 in order to improve the school catering service offered to your children.

You’ll receive more information during the month of October 2022.

Due to this change of service provider during the school year, it will not be possible to subscribe to meals provided by Sodexo for the whole year.

For the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, you will have the option of choosing either a quarterly, monthly or one-time package from your Sodexo account.

Starting from August 20th, 2022, you will be able to anticipate your children’s meal orders by logging in with your current username on your personal Sodexo account.

For your convenience, if you choose the “one-off meal” option, it will be necessary to use all your meal credits and plan them before the end of December 2022.

Your children’s meal orders must be validated and registered before Friday, August 26, 2022. Any order placed after this date will not allow your child to have a meal for the first day of the start of school and you will then have to provide him with a Lunch Box meal.

Canteen Registration Form

The link, allowing you to create a personal account to order your child meals, on SODEXO-OTR Website, is:



  • Our School restaurant welcomes students bringing their lunch boxes to the lunch break.
  • Children carrying their own lunch boxes from home are not allowed to bring knives due to our security policies.
  • Children are allowed to bring their own lunch box but for safety and hygiene reasons kindly notice that no lunch box will be heated or stored in a fridge. The school is not responsible for the quality of the lunch boxes brought from home and therefore declines all liabilities in case of food intoxication.
  • Lunch boxes must be transported in suitable bags in order to ease transportation for kindergarten and primary school children. Plastic bags are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Children bringing their lunch boxes must be able to eat independently. Parents should ensure that their child is provided with a prepared and adapted meal appropriate to his or her degree of autonomy.
  • The children will have to bring all their necessary lunch equipment. The School may be able to help in the event of forgetfulness, but will not provide towels, cutlery or glass.
  • Sweeties, candies, chocolate and nuts cannot be accepted in the canteen in order to ensure a balanced meal for every pupil and a safe environment for children carrying allergies.