The management

Mr Bruno AGOSTINI, President

Our President Mr. Bruno Agostini holds a Phd in West European Languages and Literatures and is a successful novelist. He has worked many years at the highest finance and banking levels in Luxembourg. He has been rewarded with two distinguished honorary titles by both the Grand duc of Luxembourg Henri and Mr.Ciampi former President of the Italian Republic. He is also the proud grandpa of six grandchildren which in many ways could be considered his greatest achievement of all.


Mrs Isabella AGOSTINI PADULA, General Manager

Mrs Isabella spent her youth in Rome and Naples and performed extensive studies in Architecture before settling in Luxembourg in 1982 with her husband Bruno and their children. She contributed greatly to the success of the Aux Enfants Gâtés Kindergartens together with her daughter Vera. As a General Manager she is in charge of all of our Secondary classes’ main activities since our School foundation. In her spare time, she enjoys taking deep care of her big and happy family.


Mrs Vera AGOSTINI, Preschool and Primary Director

Mrs Vera, who is actually in charge of our Preschool and Primary classes, has earned her Baccalaureate at the European School and worked in Luxembourg banking area for a couple of years before having the intuition of her life and give birth to her first kindergarten located in the posh neighbor of Belair. It was 2005. Since then, she opened on a row two other kindergartens and one afterschool Foyer. The natural conclusion of her brilliant entrepreneurial led her up to the foundation of our OTR School, accomplished together with her parents.


Mrs Marousa GOURDI, Secondary Director

Mrs Marousa Gourdi was born in Athens, Greece. She has been involved in international education for the past 16 years and has taught primary through Higher Education. She has worked as Head of primary and nursery in the European school Luxembourg II and the European school of Bergen in The Netherlands. She has also worked as a teacher in the European school of Brussels III and as an educational advisor in the European school of Luxembourg I. She has awarded a postgraduate specialisation Diploma in Biology from the Medicine School and the Faculty of Biology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She also holds a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences.