Why OTR ?

Why OTR?


Because of the highest quality of our education

OTR International School offers an academic education of the highest level in both English and French, with native speaker teachers and a small pupil-to-class ratio which allows a personalized approach and individual attention and guidance for each student.


Because we believe in a true team spirit  

We work constantly to ensure effective teamwork, and collaboration is developed and nurtured among students and between them and our teaching body.


Because we provide a curriculum that leads to worldwide universities

With our IB programme, the vast majority of our pupils can study at universities all over the world.


Because of our multi-cultural environment  

Our deep cultural mix and respect for diversity empowers our students to open–mindedness and prepares them for an internationally competitive and fast–changing world.


Because we work hard to maintain the highest level of well–being of our students  

Our pupils’ well–being is one of the basic principles of our establishment. We deploy many policies and efforts to make sure they develop their education, skills and personalities within an environment in which they can feel totally safe and comfortable.


Because we believe in broad learning approach

We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular activities as well as an education based on a Montessori approach, which means steady academic growth and learning without barriers.


Because of our personalized and creative teaching

All students can take advantage of our specific teaching methodologies based on enforcing their critical and creative thinking by exploring knowledge, stimulating class debates and the use of inquiry as a precise didactic tool.


Because we provide full support and guidance

OTR provides full scholastic support to any pupil with individual needs, whether it be on a language or academic basis, making sure no one is left behind.