Preschool Year 1 – 2022-2023 school year

To our Preschool year 1 children, OTR International School offers brief educational programs that will focus on the development and discovery of new skills and passions.

  • Promotion and discovery of the kids’ own passions
  • Monday -Thursday 3.30 – 4.30 pm; Friday 2.30 – 3.30 pm


Bricks4Kidz workshops for Preschool children (4-5 years old) use mainly Lego Duplos but as some children have more developed fine motor skills and can manipulate the smaller bricks, we offer both possibilities. Each topic comprises around 6 different models, so we build a different model every week. The topic is introduced by sharing with the children information and asking questions about the children’s knowledge and experience on the topic. Next, the children build the model of the day, understand how it relates to the topic and play with it. We focus on the letter of the model so the children can build it from Lego bricks.


Manual activity that will help the kids develop their concentration and artistic skills. The kids will be able to create objects with small pearls and bring them home.

This workshop will aim at developing the children’s motor skills, their ability to use their body in different situations and to evolve in a group.


Discovery the seasons through the techniques of collage, cutting, painting. Let the artist, who is in you, express itself by exploring the changing colours of the nature that surrounds you.


Progressive sessions that allow the integration of basic notions of musical language, through a sensory approach to music. Sound explorations, discovery of musical gestures, listening, playing, feeling, understanding… Allow children to taste the pleasure of instrumental play thanks to instruments, learning songs and rhymes from an adapted repertoire, listening games, sound creation. Discovery and rhythmic practice, body percussion play, percussion instrument practice, body expression. Show at the end of the year.

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