Lunch at School: 2 options


  • Our School Restaurant welcomes students at lunch break for lunch.
  • A warm and balanced meal is served daily by Eurest.
  • Two types of menus are available: a normal one and a vegetarian one.
  • A qualified dietician develops our menus in collaboration with the School Nurse.
  • Our School Nurse will be present during all meal times ensuring each children’s follow-up in the diet is implemented.
  • Meals at school provided by Eurest.
  • Parents can choose School Catering or Lunch box on a monthly basis.
  • To meet the specific needs of children carrying allergies we offer strictly hypoallergenic menus elaborated with the products of the range NATAMA –
  • Once a month the restaurant propose a Typical Country menu, also lunch box usually students can join the special events that day.


  • Our School restaurant welcomes students bringing their lunch boxes to the lunch break.
  • Children carrying their own lunch boxes from home are not allowed to bring knives due to our security policies.
  • Children are allowed to bring their own lunch box but for safety and hygiene reasons kindly notice that no lunch box will be heated or stored in a fridge. The school is not responsible for the quality of the lunch boxes brought from home and therefore declines all liabilities in case of food intoxication.
  • Lunch boxes must be transported in suitable bags in order to ease transportation for kindergarten and primary school children. Plastic bags are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Children bringing their lunch boxes must be able to eat independently. Parents should ensure that their child is provided with a prepared and adapted meal appropriate to his or her degree of autonomy.
  • The children will have to bring all their necessary lunch equipment. The School may be able to help in the event of forgetfulness, but will not provide towels, cutlery or glass.
  • Sweeties, candies, chocolate and nuts cannot be accepted in the canteen in order to ensure a balanced meal for every pupil and a safe environment for children carrying allergies.