2022-2023 school year

OTR Academy regroups all sorts of activities and courses that will help our students develop skills that go beyond the pure curricular ones.

Monday -Thursday 3.30 – 4.30 pm; Friday 2.30 – 3.30 pm


OTR Basketball
Official Basketball Team of the OTR School. Students will train once a week indoors or outdoors according to the weather and will participate in various competitions throughout the year.

OTR Manga newspaper
Creation of the OTR Manga Newspaper telling life at school and told by its students.

  • Design of quarterly manga
  • Scripting (story, characters, work on the sets, perspective storyboard.
  • Learn to respect the proportions of the characters
  • coloring
  • cover page design using Wildstyle, alphabet, 3D graffiti techniques

At the end of each term the OTR Manga Newspaper will be printed and distributed to the school.


For all volunteer students wishing to sing together around the same project: Vocal practice and technique, song learning, vocal games, vocal warm-ups, polyphony work, for one or more shows during the year! This work revolves around a varied repertoire, polyphonic work, step-by-step learning… The songs chosen are taken from international repertoire; they are sing with one or more voices, which requires rigor and discipline from each. Discipline in vocal work, listening to oneself and to the group. Above all, enthusiasm, the pleasure of wanting to sing together. Coming to the choir is therefore finding time to have fun while singing!

Los Amigos de Don Quijote
In the « Los amigos de Don Quijote » class the goal is for Spanish-speaking students to develop communication skills (oral and written communication, reading skills, learning vocabulary, spelling and grammar) in the Spanish Language while having fun and developing creativity.

A chess class that will teach the beginners the basics of the game and will help the intermediate ones to improve their technical skills. The focus will be on learning while having fun! Chess origins go back more than 2000 years. Even of your child does not know this game or if he/she has only notions and is motivated to get involved in this fascinating brain sport, do not hesitate to register him/her.


OTR Volleyball
Thanks to this activity our sports team will help the students to feel part of a team, to train together, to have fun while exercising and learning volleyball techniques and strategies.


Beyond Japanese
The students will discover Japanese culture, both modern and traditional, for example, origami, calligraphy, anime, tea ceremony, etc. There will be manual activities, songs, games, and cuisine as well as introduction to the language, arts, and traditional events.

During this class, the students will be able to get to know to Luxembourgish language and the basic grammar. They will learn how to make simple sentences in Luxembourgish and will have a general understanding of this tongue.

This club is aimed at G5 and secondary students (boys and girls) who love to play football and who want to compete with teams from other international schools in Luxembourg.


During this class the student will work on:

  • Body expression
  • Concentration
  • Group dynamics or respect and listening to its partners
  • The space, preparation for the stage
  • The discovery of emotions
  • Voice, breathing, relaxation
  • The character
  • The game

The students will discover the theatre, stimulate the imagination, create and invent characters and short stories, develop memory and self-confidence, learn to express themselves in front of an audience. Theatrical performance at the end of the school year.

A class that will help the children to channel their inner chef! The kids will learn how to make entire recipes on their own with confidence and fun!

Do you wish to enroll or to have more information ? Write to afternoon@otrschool.lu !