Our mission, as OTR International School, is to allow students of Grades 11 and 12 to complete the High School Diploma with us, throughout an innovative and highly academic recognized curriculum.

Academica International Studies™ is one of the largest educational networks in the world, with thousands of graduates in more than 28 countries. Academica International Studies™ allows students from all over the world to obtain a high school diploma. Our program is a multilingual, multicultural network, and a pioneering educational program that prepares students to face the challenges of the future. 97% of Academica International Studies™ students surveyed responded that they would recommend the Academica International Studies™ Program to other students!

The success of the program has been due, in large part, to its unique balance of instructional support and student autonomy. From the beginning, the program has sought to provide international students with the critical tools necessary to become self-directed, life-long learners while ensuring that they are supported every step of the way.
Academica International Studies™ graduates earn an American High School Diploma. They have access to immersive English-language learning opportunities, college and career counseling, US pedagogical techniques, a robust and well-rounded curriculum, technology training, and become part of a diverse global community of students.
Our program embodies the philosophy behind Academica International Studies™. With the conviction that wherever there is a student, there is a school, Academica International Studies™ offers students from around the world the opportunity to earn an American High School Diploma.

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