YouTube Creators (Level 1) - quarterly
YouTube is a popular online video-sharing platform where users can upload, view, and share videos. Participants will cover topics such as basic video production techniques, video and audio editing skills, and storytelling principles to create engaging content. Additionally, they will learn about some video analytics. The club will also touch upon copyright guidelines, online safety, and ethical considerations when creating and sharing content on YouTube. The major focus of the club will be on the process of creating a good video (recording – editing – exporting videos end to end). Creating a YouTube channel and uploading videos to the channel are optional activities (decision of participant & parent/legal guardian according to YouTube age guidelines). Presented by Mr. Sinha (Teacher).


YouTube Creators (Level 2) - quarterly
YouTube Creators Club Level 2 will include the following: Advanced video and audio editing techniques including multiple cameras in DaVinci Resolve, fusion effects, how to create and brand a YouTube channel, how to increase chances of success on YouTube by targeting user search queries, and more. For participating in this club, the participants must already possess video editing skills. Presented by Mr. Sinha (Teacher).


MED CUP - annual
The Med Cup club is a training group to prepare for interschool competitions in both volleyball and basketball. This club will train to represent the school at the Mediterranean Cup in Venice, Italy during May. Students who join this club need to commit to train at a high level and cooperate with a team in order to generate success in competition. Club members will develop competency in both sports as well as develop team and leadership skills. More information on tournaments Presented by OTR team (sport teacher).


Team Sports - half term
This club consists of students playing various Team Sports together with other classmates, such as Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc. Students will learn the rules of the game, skills required to play and then participate in the sport. Presented by OTR team (Sport Teacher).


Art - quarterly
The course content will include the presentation of artists and their most important works. Students will be invited to reproduce, and use works and techniques observed as their basis for drawing, painting, works with papier-mache, sculpture, felting, printing, weaving, wood ceramics, land art, etc. Presented by Mss. Versteylen (teacher).

Android App - half term
Android App Coding Club will introduce the participants to the world of creating apps for all Google based Android smartphone and tablets. The participants need not have any coding experience but must have genuine curiosity and willingness to learn. By the end of the club, all participants will have the knowledge and chance to create an Android app they can show to their family and friends. Presented by Mr. Sinha (Teacher).

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