Lunch’n Fun !

« Healthy School » is a dynamic project within our establishment, and in which nutrition is an essential element, as well as an important moment for the students during their school days.

Our « catering » service will support the school from September in a new food approach by offering you to select 3 different menus online every day. 

A food event will be offered each month by Sodexo and its team of dieticians.

The installation of a Sodexo Food Truck in the schoolyard each week will allow primary and secondary students to enjoy a « world cuisine » menu.

The will of our school is to create a real dynamic of catering by offering daily menus that meet health and nutritional standards.

Meals offered to students with food allergies

Sodexo offers avoidance meals for food allergies and intolerances on the basis of a medical certificate, other than nut allergies.
Meals for children with nut allergies can benefit from a hypoallergenic menu specially designed to exclude all traces of allergens, consisting of raw vegetables, a Nutrisens® dish and a fruit / compote.
The cost of a hypoallergenic menu is more important than the price of a normal menu.
These hypoallergenic menus are established by a dietitian and provide a balanced meal: they can be started on the basis of a medical certificate.