Learn, Share and Grow at OTR International School

Thank you for your interest in our school!

We encourage all families who are interested into our methodologies and approach to contact us.

Due to our school places being limited in terms of numbers and to the presence of waiting lists for some specific school-year groups we kindly invite all interested parents to plan well in advance an appointment with us and, in case, to book your place at school at your earliest convenience.

Admissions’ requirements

Pupils can attend the Pre-School from the age of 3 years (having had their third birthday before the 1st of September) and should begin their school life potty-trained.
Pupils can attend Grade 1 from the age of 6 years (having had their sixth birthday within the 31st of December).
Pupils can attend Grade 6 (MYP Year 1) from the age of 11 years (having had their birthday within the 31st of December).

How to apply to OTR International School

To start the admission process for 2024-2025 school year, feel free to submit the online admission form. Once you’ll submit it, you’ll receive an email with the information on the next steps.  

Still not sure about starting the admission process? To get in touch, feel free to email us at admissions@otrschool.lu.