At OTR International School all students from Preschool to Secondary cycle are required to wear a school uniform from Monday to Thursday. Friday is “casual Friday”!

Our everyday uniform consists of:

  • school blue sweatshirt
  • school white polo t-shirt
  • trousers or skirt or school dress
  • school backpack (for primary) / sport backpack (for preschool)
  • indoor shoes

The sport uniform consists of:

  • school grey hooded sweatshirt
  • school blue T-shirt
  • gym pants or leggings
  • sport backpack
  • clean gym shoes (inside of sport backpack, ideally never used outdoors).

It is only possible to wear it on the days when there is physical education.

Please note:

  • Trousers, indoor shoes and sport shoes can be purchased by any retailer
  • Everyday trousers can be dark blue, or jeans or black
  • Gym pants for the sport uniform must be light grey

On Fridays, except in specific dates, the School applies a “Casual Friday” rule and therefore a smart casual dress code is tolerated. In case of sport day in Friday, the sport uniform is required.

Uniform orders will be normally delivered each Friday at the reception for each order placed until Wednesday of the same week.