At OTR we attach great importance to learning a second language French or English, regarding the multi-cultural environment here in Luxembourg.

From Mat 1 our students are immersed in both languages, teaching being provided by 2 teachers for Mat 1 and by a teacher and an assistant for Mat 2 and 3, in their mother tongue.

Upon entry to primary school (Grade 1), students receive 45 minutes of teaching in language 2 from Monday to Thursday by a mother tongue teacher.

In addition, from G1 onwards, a subject taught in language 2 is introduced progressively in order to further increase exposure to this L2.

Pupils are divided by level so that each one acquires the skills required at the end of the primary school curriculum on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which defines levels of mastery of a foreign language according to the knowledge acquired in different areas of competence.

In addition, at the primary school, a time of L2 every Friday, called “International hours“, is organized every week; this session allows the children to be exposed to the L2 through varied and playful activities whose programming is established by class level and according to the interest of the children.
Upon entering G5, the students are introduced to a third language of their choice: Spanish, German or Japanese.

Finally, depending on the nationality of our teachers, the students will be taught art, music, sports, ICT, library either in French or English.

After class time, During the activities offered by our Daycare, the language of communication and teaching will be either French or English.