First day of school! | Premier jour d’école!

OTR Back to school 2023
OTR Back to school 2023-2024

2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR: Let’s start!


8:15 – Preschool year 1 (left gate)  – G1 Primary (right gate)

8:30 – Preschool year 2 & 3 (left gate) – from G2 to G5 Primary (right gate)

8:30 – Secondary students (right gate)

Only for the first day of school, students in Preschool year 1 will exit at 12:00 (lunch at school)

OTR Afterschool clubs and daycare will start on Monday September 4th 2023!!


And as students enter the school, parents can enjoy a welcome coffee in front of the school between 08:15 and 09:00!

See you at school!

Back to school!

The event is finished.


Aug 31 2023


08:30 - 15:20