1 – Acquire and master the fundamentals 

Our main mission is to give all our students the opportunity to master the fundamental knowledge of the nursery cycle. We want to help each child become independent and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their development. We consolidate these lessons in a rigorous and progressive manner using appropriate tools.

We offer a program which revolves around several major areas of learning such as language, reading and writing, numbers, artistic activities, discovering the world, etc.

2 – Gain confidence and gain autonomy

OTR International School vision goes well beyond academic learning. It is to make our school a nice place to live and open to the world, which helps children gain self-confidence, gradually become autonomous and learn to learn. We want to offer children a living environment conducive to their development, a school where they are happy to come every day. Practice a second language from an early age.

3 – Take advantage of a bilingual environment 

Our choice is to offer a bilingual French – English environment from an early age through co-teaching by a pair of French / English-speaking teachers and assistants in each class. In a world turned more and more towards the international and in the multi-cultural context of Luxembourg, the learning of a second language is an undeniable asset and allows an important cultural opening which gives the children the opportunity to become citizens of world. It is essential that this second language be taught to the child during the sensitive language period, that is to say between 1 and 6 years old, because during this period, it can be learned without difficulty as a mother tongue.