No day is the same when busy learning and experiencing the world around us, but at OTR we still have a typical day:

The school opens its doors at 8:15 am, the students go directly to their class where they can benefit from an individualized welcome and start their day in a peaceful and benevolent atmosphere.

A recess takes place in the morning depending on the class level, to allow classes to be staggered in the courtyard.

Our “Lunch’n Fun” catering program is also staggered at 11:30, students benefiting from a one hour daytime break in all.

 The exit is at 15.15 pm from Monday to Thursday and at 14:15 on Friday.

From the exit to 6:00 pm, the school proposes a daycare service, upon registration, offering various activities such as sport, art, music or construction workshops.

Please follow the link for more information about the afterschool workshops.