• To provide a pleasant environment for students;
  • To provide books and other teaching materials in order to help students become valid readers;
  • To support and improve teaching objectives;
  • To develop the habit and pleasure of reading and writing for students.

The Librarian co-operates with Teachers to promote reading and to improve the Library’s resources and services.


  • The Librarian take care of the classes. Students can individually borrow 1 book per week. Classes may also use the Library for individual reading sessions or for storytelling workshops.

Our Librarians welcome all parents wishing to help reading a story or to assist the Teacher in any other function during the Library session.

The Library actually features a collection of about 1000 books.


The school library has a collection of more than 1,500 French, English and others languages books, including picture books, novels, non-fiction writings and comics.

Every class from Preschool to Primary has a dedicated time slot at the library once a week, during which students can enjoy a quiet moment to read and choose a book that they can borrow for one week to take home and read with the parents.

The primary goal of our librarian Mrs. Viviana Agostini is to connect children with books.

During the year, students are encouraged to be critical, to make choices, and above all, to cultivate a deep interest in the rich literature that is available to them.

The Library also hosts periodical Book Fairs during the year, organized by our book dealer Ophélia, with the aim to provide both students and parents with an opportunity to purchase children’s and young adult literature books. Proceeds from the event go to our Library fund, with new funds used to maintain new books acquisitions and thus increase our collection.