The School Library is the central hub supporting every child and staff member in which combines several elements such as; library staff, resources and space. Each of these, plays an important part in supporting teaching and learning.

The Library consists on having over 2000 books in English, French, Italian and German alongside BDs and magazines such as Astrapi for older children. Library books are classified in topics such as; history, geography, science, general, astronomy, fiction, non-fictions and novels.

The books are classified in an age range from 3 until 15.

In the Library there are PCs both for teachers and students to access on homework and classwork and Internet access, of course also tables, chairs but especially cushions for children to feel comfortable when sitting on them by looking or reading a book always with a relaxing mood by listening to relaxing and soft music.

The OTR International School Library is an effective Library due to the many factors:

  • Improves children to develop the school community by reading and learning programs.
  • It’s a safe place that values and includes children from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Brings children and information together.
  • Embodies the principles of “learner agency”; children having the independence to choose their own reading and to find resources that help them develop their interests and strengths at their own pace.
  • Helps close the education gap for children who might otherwise be disadvantaged, the library can provide access to the stories, information and technology they need.
  • Helps children and students to choose appropriate reading material.
  • Works with teachers to develop literacy programs.
  • Provides access to reading material that informs, engages, extends, challenges and enraptures readers.
  • Creates, inspires and supports readers by having a wider connection with reading success and pleasure.
  • Promotes multiple languages, symbols, texts and literacies.
  • Explores and combines information and experiences into new understanding.

The School Library pedagogy that is consistent with the school’s existing pedagogy contributes both to students and children’ educational success.

  • Uses evidence to make connections between the library’s services and children learning and achievement.
  • Helps learners absorb the literacy and language of libraries-including a growing understanding of literature and the nature of information that is valuable in other education and life contexts.
  • Models and reflects in library spaces and services the principles, values, key competencies and learning areas of the OTR International School curriculum.
  • Engaging proactively with students and teachers.
  • Being innovative and flexible.

As it has been mentioned at the introduction, both children and students have access in the library by following certain standard rules.

Each class when getting in the Library has the opportunity by choosing any type of book wants to, but being an international school therefore having children with different kind of nationalities, therefore the level and language of book is different.