Coding Club - annual
In Coding Club, the participants will learn the basics of Python programming, including variables, data types, and control. They will explore fundamental concepts like loops and conditionals, as well as functions and modules. Additionally, the club will flow. cover topics such as file handling, error handling, and basic data structures like lists and dictionaries to equip students with the necessary skills to create their own programs and solve problems using Python. Presented by Mr. Sinha (teacher).

Cooking - quarter 1
The cooking class will teach students to cook basic recipes such as various types of pasta sauces, hamburgers, pizza, healthy snacks, desserts, quiches, with recipes from around the world. Presented by OTR team.

Dodgeball - quarter 1
Dodgeball is growing in popularity week by week. It’s outrageous fun that pretty much all children love. And it’s simple too – catch, aim, throw, dodge – so kids of all ages can enjoy it. Presented by OTR team (sport teacher).


YouTube Creators - quarter 1


MED CUP - annual
The Med Cup club is a training group to prepare for interschool competitions in both volleyball and basketball. This club will train to represent the school at the Mediterranean Cup in Venice, Italy during May. Students who join this club need to commit to train at a high level and cooperate with a team in order to generate success in competition. Club members will develop competency in both sports as well as develop team and leadership skills. More information on tournaments

Presented by OTR team (sport teacher).

Guitar - annual
The classical guitar, a historic instrument with nylon strings and a wide neck, is certainly the most widely played guitar in the world. Used in many cultures and found on all five continents, the classical guitar often gives beginners, especially children, a gentle start to their musical education.

Presented by Music Factory Luxembourg team.


Art - quarter 1
The course content will include the presentation of artists and their most important works. Students will be invited to reproduce, and use works and techniques observed as their basis for drawing, painting, works with papier-mache, sculpture, felting, printing, weaving, wood ceramics, land art, etc. Presented by Mss. Versteylen (teacher).

Theater - annual
During this class the student will discover the theatre, stimulate the imagination, create and invent characters and short stories, develop memory and self-confidence, learn to express themselves in front of an audience. Theatrical performance at the end of the school year. Presented by Mss. Garcia (teacher).

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