Next Policy Review: September 2022

Our Mission

OTR International School provides quality education to pre-school, primary and lower secondary level pupils within an inspiring, challenging, multilingual and international environment by ensuring individual follow-up and the well-being of each student. Our students are encouraged to become active and lifelong learners who show empathy, compassion and respect and help to create a better world.

Our Vision

OTR International School seeks to create a community of lifelong learners who are confident, balanced, caring and inspired to thrive in their life and workplace. Our school accepts children from the age of three offering a multilingual education. Pupils develop their bilingualism every day with qualified teachers whose mother tongue corresponds to the language chosen. Our school puts more emphasis on students’ personal development by encouraging them to be more creative and prepare them for life by making practical connections between their studies and the real world. We aim to further incorporate in our school’s mission and vision and cultivate as many of the properties and values outlined in the IB learner profile.


At OTR International School we seek to provide an open and friendly learning environment which welcomes visitors from the local community and outside. As a school we recognize the valuable contribution this makes to our pupils’ well-being and academic performance.

Policy responsibility

The OTR International School is responsible for the safety and security of all pupils and staff.  The School Management aims to protect the safety and welfare of the pupils and staff by ensuring that all school visitors comply with the OTR School policy.


The school management will ensure that the school visitors policy and procedures are communicated and understood by all members of the school community.


In order to ensure the safety and security of all members of the school community the following procedures are followed.

  • Anyone visiting OTR International School must report to Reception, sign in and obtain a  a visitor’s badge.
  • The school visitor badge should be prominently worn.
  • At no time should a visitor be allowed to wander around the site unaccompanied.
  • Visitors can enter the school only through the main entrance.
  • Teachers’ appointments with parents: Teachers should inform in advance by email the School Management and the Reception about their appointments with parents.
  • For any other visitor from outside the school permission from the school management needs to be sought at least 5 working days in advance. The staff member organising the visit will fill in the form “Request for a visit” (available in the file of common documents) specifying the day and the reason of the visit, its duration and the contact details of the visitor.
  • For visits of family members of the staff, the school management should be informed and grant permission prior to the visit.
  • Visitors should be accompanied at all times by the staff member organising the visit.
  • All visitors to the school will be asked to present their Identity Card at the reception at the time of their visit

Visitors’ Departure from School

Visitors should return their badge to Reception when leaving site, and sign out.

Uninvited Visitors to the School

Any visitor to the school site should address to the reception. In the event that the visitor refuses to comply, the School Management should be informed immediately.

OTR International School reserves the right to refuse access to the school premises to any individuals who are deemed in the opinion of the School Management to be unsuitable.

All breaches of this procedure must be reported to the Mrs Vera Agostini.


Please fill in the information requested below and return it to the school management at least 5 working days prior to your visit.

Visitor name(s)
Telephone number
Reason for visit
Requested dates for visit

We kindly request that our visitors follow the procedures below:

  • Please report to Reception to be issued with a visitor’s badge and to sign in.
  • During your visit the badge should be prominently worn.
  • As a visitor you should be accompanied at all times by the staff member organising the visit.

OTR International School reserves the right to refuse access to the school premises to any individuals who do not comply with the School’s Visitors policy.

All breaches of this procedure will be reported to the School Management

I have read and will comply with these guidelines:


Thank you for your interest in OTR International School!