Dear Parents, you matter!

And for this reason it is with our utmost respect that we propose four activities for you, grown-ups:

Where you can practice your « Je ne sais pas » every week while exchanging opinions, thoughts and ideas but also learning and exercising French with Cinzia and other parents.
Network, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, this English version of the French Club is designed to and for you, hosted by Emanuel every Friday from 8.45 until 9.30 am.

Our certified PT/Teacher Alejandro wishes to welcome you to this weekly 45 minute program where you can unwind, stay healthy and start the day in the best shape possible.
A unique chance presents for you to participate in a friendly OTR football tournament where we can all relax, play and socialize, organized by Sylvain (possibility to eat and drink @theLoft).
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