OTR Afterschool Activities and Clubs for Primary students from grade 1 to grade 5 – 2023-2024 school year


Teaching the fundamentals of boxing such as correct stances and basic punches, while providing boxing tips for the students. It has many positive impacts on a person’s life, both on health and mind. Our boxing classes offer an unbeatable workout while teaching students about discipline, persistence, hard work and no violence education. Presented by OTR team (sport teacher).

Introduction to the Luxembourgish Language
The Luxembourgish club is addressed to the students who wish to learn the basics of Luxembourgish language under the condition that the participants are beginners. However, if most of the students have a higher level, the level of class will be adapted to their level. At the end of school year, the learners will receive a binder with all that is been learnt during the year. Presented by OTR Team.

During this class the student will discover the theatre, stimulate the imagination, create and invent characters and short stories, develop memory and self-confidence, learn to express themselves in front of an audience. Theatrical performance at the end of the school year. Presented by Mss. Garcia (teacher).


Creative Drawing
This club is addressed to learners who wish to develop their creativity and create a link between the numbers/shapes and drawings. During the lesson, the learners are invited to exercise their imagination to find new ideas. Presented by OTR team.

Racket Sports
Racket sports club allows students to try sports such as badminton, street racket and pickleball. The club focuses on students’ ability to use a racket or paddle. Students learn how to hold a racket or paddle and use it to strike objects depending on the game. Presented by OTR team (sport teacher).

A class that will help the children to channel their inner chef! The kids will learn how to make entire recipes on their own with confidence and fun! Presented by OTR team.


The course content will include the presentation of artists and their most important works. Students will be invited to reproduce, and use works and techniques observed as their basis for drawing, painting, works with papier-mache, sculpture, felting, printing, weaving, wood ceramics, land art, etc. Presented by Mss. Versteylen (Teacher).

Bricks4Kidz for Primary children use progressively motors, batteries, remote controls and receivers. Each topic comprises around 6 different models, with 2 or 3 levels of difficulty. The topic is introduced by sharing with the children information about the topic (pictures, power point, and short videos) and receiving their input, opinion and knowledge. Next, the children build the model of the day, understand how it works and play with it. Presented by Bricks4kids team.


Coding Club
In Coding Club for primary school kids, participants will learn the basics of coding through a fun and intuitive interface on Scratch Junior (Scratch Junior is a coding language inspired by Scratch, suitable for primary school students). The club will also cover topics like character animation, sound effects, and user interactivity to enhance their coding skills and foster creativity. Presented by Mr. Sinha (teacher).

Mandarin Club
The Mandarin club will offer children a unique opportunity to view languages from a different perspective, inspiring creativity, imagination, and cultural curiosity. This club will focus on developing students’ oral communication skills and awareness of cross-cultural knowledge while preparing them for writing and reading. As part of the learning experience students of the Mandarin Club will also have access to Chinese events organized by the Confucius Institute of Luxembourg and the China Cultural Centre of Luxembourg. Presented by OTR Team (Teacher).


The classical guitar, a historic instrument with nylon strings and a wide neck, is certainly the most widely played guitar in the world. Used in many cultures and found on all five continents, the classical guitar often gives beginners, especially children, a gentle start to their musical education. Presented by Music Factory Luxembourg team.

Spanish Club
The Spanish Club has as a goal to develop communication skills for native Spanish speaking children (oral and written communication, reading skills, learning vocabulary, spelling, and grammar) in the Spanish Language while having fun and developing creativity. Presented by OTR team (teacher).

Do you wish to enroll or to have more information ? Write to club@otrschool.lu !